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Modular/Volumetric Construction

Our factory finished modular housing units offer wide range of solutions in hospitality spaces. Our integrated state of the art facility can accommodate upto 38 modules at once from structural framing to final finishes. Our products ranges from tiny homes, staycations, motels, healthcare spaces and rapid deployment shelters.
Our integrated state of the art facility can accommodate upto 18 modules at once from structural framing to final finishes. The facility also have two roll forming machines, wall assembly beds and panellised framing accessories. This offers on stop solution for facade framing and modular framed buildings.

Construction Site

Structural Engineering

We are leaders in structural design of cold formed steel framed buildings. Our affiliation with CFSEI and SFA keep us updated with the best tech to date in cold formed steel design. Urbanshaastra is also incorporated sub-committee member for development of IS801 code for CFS.
Our team possess rich experience in the design of high rise buildings including the third tallest building in the World. With over 5 million Sft of high rise spaces designed, we lead in innovation and value engineering of high rise steel buildings.

Light Gauge Steel & Panelised Construction

Our roll forming capability varies from 75mm to 150mm studs and upto 1.6mm thickness. Our machinery inventory include Howick, Pinnacle & Frametek with high speed capability that can produce upto 12 tons a day. 
Our expertise in panelised design engineering and fabrication can help builders and developers go upto 12 storeyed with cold formed steel framed construction alone. Reach out to us for any enquiry on design and supply for light gauge and panelised steel frames. 

Construction Worker

Structural Steel Fabrication

Our core expertise in design of construction of steel composite high rise buildings enabled us to have an association with reputed steel fabricators globally. Our inhouse CRM system manage the client required fabrication to the best Quality control and packed to internal standards. 

Our internal fabrication yard has a productivity of 400 Tons a month with automated beam line welding, multi torch cutting and regulated paint boot


Urbanshaastra so far have developed multiple products in infrastructure and engineering that help aid the construction speed and bring sustainable measures with strict quality control. Few of our innovations include products like urbanpile, Netzerohabitat, CFS steel connectors, Modular solar kits etc. Current innovations on work are modular desalination systems and hydrogen powered houses.

Our esteemed engineering partners from reputed institutions help test and certify the product innovation to international standards. Do reach us if you need any custom developed product for a specific use-case.

Electric Engineer
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